Beauty from Ashes

January 3, 2017 - Been reflecting a lot this past week on past experiences, hurt, pain, loss, struggles and how all of them along with the amazing beautiful times in my past have brought me to this day. Really wanting to leave all that baggage that remained in 2016 as it is weighty, very weighty at times. While much of my past is not too pretty, much more of my past has been the most beautiful experiences of my life. All of which have become the shards and pieces of who I am today. Easy to let the disappointments, failures, and setbacks override all the good as was the case for me today in dwelling on it all way too long - overwhelmingly so - but the fact is we all experience disappointments, failures, setbacks, make unwise choices, hurt people we love, hurt ourselves, bottom out at times, allow and do what we shouldn't and don't allow and do what we should ... it is what we do with all those shards, some sharp that will cut us deep, some dull and boring, some dark, some light, that if we allow ourselves to see it and believe it and heal from it, can and will come together to create a mosaic of a beautiful imperfect, flawed but unique and amazing person to ourselves and the world. We are all beautifully broken in our own ways, but in that brokenness, we can be a beautiful mosaic in the lives of others to remind them that they are beautiful too.

Photo Credit: Carole Choucair Oueijan Mosaics