Personal Private Assistance


We are currently accepting celebrity, athlete, corporate, individual/couple clients who require private personal assistance to manage schedules, home, staff, office, emails, social media, errands etc. on their behalf.  Limited to one full time or two part time clients.
Celebrity Personal assistant skills include communication, administration, organizational, research, computer, social media, financial management and home management skills.
Private personal assistant services could include but not be limited to the following:

Manage Incoming and Outgoing Communication

Celebrity personal assistants make and receive phone calls, send emails, write letters, and post social media updates on behalf of their employer. They play the extremely important role of “gatekeeper” and tightly control who gets access to their celebrity boss.

Oversee Scheduling and Calendar Appointments

Making sure their famous employer’s daily schedule is tightly organized is a key task for celebrity personal assistants. They make appropriate appointments with other media agents, designers, stylists, celebrities, and even family members. Celebrity personal assistants also send critical appointment reminders to make sure their employer is on-schedule.

Event Planning and Coordination

Coordinating logistics for a variety of scenarios such as travel, press appearances, rehearsals, fittings, parties, family vacations, and award shows is common for high-powered celebrity personal assistants. Their employers may also ask them to execute personal and business events that include other hired staff.

Handle Client Representation

Celebrity personal assistants are the “voice” of their clients and must use persuasiveness to meet their boss’s needs. They directly represent their employer’s interests with publicists, news reporters, industry agents, content directors, financial professionals, lawyers, and business managers, on the phone and in person.

Perform Life Maintenance Tasks

Personal assistants complete everyday tasks on behalf of their celebrity employers, such as doing laundry, reading mail, paying bills, grocery shopping, and even dog walking. Household management tasks such as cleaning and cooking can also be requested of them.


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Celebrity Personal Assistant Job Description courtesy of JobHero