Couick Photography

Husband. Wife. Photographers. Artists.

Sometimes, the best things in life come in the most unexpected ways. At least, that is exactly what happened when we met five years ago on a bus for a church activity.


I was reading a book and Christin was up from Florida visiting a friend. We exchanged "regular" information about each other and thought nothing of falling in love until almost two years later when Christin decided to move to NC to teach. The wonderful fall season rolled around (which is of course our favorite season), and our friendship grew into a relationship in what seemed to be overnight.


Over the course of three years, we dated and adventured along the east coast, finding the best ways to make as many memories as possible. Traveling the globe is one of our favorite things to do while finding the best hiking trails and stops for beautiful, scenic landscapes. Collectively, we have been to most of the major cities (Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, New York City, etc.) and also many countries (Peru, Honduras, Romania, Italy, and Ireland), yet some of our favorite places are right here in North Carolina. 

After the big proposal, we agreed on a date and were married in the June 2018. It was one of the most wonderful days of our lives! Since then, what used to be a solo photography business has now become the dynamic duo. As a result, our business has flourished, bringing in more business than ever before. We hope to be apart of many more fun events and continue traveling the world and giving honor to our God for His amazing love in our lives.