CVA Internship Experience


As a rising junior, I have enjoyed a variety of jobs and student internships. From assisting management at local radio stations to writing for my university’s newspaper, my experiences, both poor and positive, have taught me how to detect an experience rich internship. Working with Cindy Vees and Associates this past semester was just that, and proved to be the best experience I could have hoped for.

As much as I enjoy writing and hearing people’s stories, I can be a bit nervous and shy at times. Having been given the privilege of interview assignments, I quickly determined I would have to break out of my shell. Even though I had done my research on whichever person I interviewed and outlined my questions beforehand, I would be terribly nervous. Each time, however, before I knew it, my interest for the speaker’s story had completely erased my anxiousness.

Another habit of mine was to keep my questions to myself. Naturally, I bubble with curiosity, and when it comes to a task, I’m overflowing with questions; too many questions. I’d always had this fear of annoying someone by asking too many too often. Eventually, time and the gracious patience of others, taught me how much more efficient, not to mention happier, I would have been had I simply asked my questions and gotten back to work in the first place.

This internship also challenged me to push myself. Learning to balance the hours I put into writing articles or research with school assignments, club events, student newspaper work, and paying side jobs gave me the boost I needed to launch me into adulthood. As a commuter, my attitude prior to this internship was still dependent on my parents, concrete syllabi, and just enough work hours to earn some on hand food money. My brain was flipped out of its hammock at the beginning of this semester and grown from its work outs, inspiring me to learn new things and prioritize more effectively. The confidence I gained from being able to better manage my time enriched my spirit as well, encouraging me to set for myself higher expectations and to challenge myself to produce quality work.

Because CVA gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to experience multiple aspects of a career in Communications. From news writing, public relations, and research to maintaining social media, the projects I was given deepened my interest in my field. The welcoming and helpful interns and employees made the experience wonderful and offered me terrific career advice.

Thank you, Cindy Vees for a terrific semester!