Internship Experience with Cindy Vees and Associates


Cindy and her team have been a joy to work with for the past three months.  When I first signed on, I was hesitant about committing to extra work during a demanding semester in school.  But honestly I had nothing to worry about.  With assignments given once a week (to be submitted by the following week), I have the luxury of getting to organize my own weekly schedule in order to complete my tasks, rather than be tied to a specific time in the office.  And during weeks when my life has gotten especially busy and stressful, Kayla, who gives me my weekly assignments, has been so understanding and accommodating, and willing to give me the flexibility to accept more work on some weeks and less on others.  Cindy, Kayla, and Noah are people who genuinely care about their interns and never fail to provide kind and positive encouragement, which makes it not only less stressful to work under their supervision, but more fun and rewarding too.


          Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is having the opportunity to exercise skills (like research, graphic design, and writing) that I have developed in school and previous jobs, as well as gain new experience as a result of working in a new context (working with a company based in a different state, receiving and submitting assignments and conducting most communication through email, and learning to be more self-motivated than ever before).


          This unique context of work relations has been especially valuable to me, because I believe it’s relevant to the kind of work I may do in the future.  After graduation, I would like to work in the graphic design/public relations field, either for a design company or managing public relations for a small company.  However, further in the future, when my husband and I are ready to start a family, I would rather have the flexibility of being my own boss and working from home, as a freelance graphic designer for example.  The kind of experience I’ve had in my short time so far working for CVA has helped me prepare for both work lifestyles.  While I have supervisors to guide me and check my work and clients of the company to represent, I also need to be self-sufficient in managing my time and figuring out problems that I run into on the job.  I am learning what I like and don’t like about both styles of work from this experience, which I think will help me make decisions about the kind of job(s) I take after graduating.