My Breast Cancer Journey Through the Eyes of My Son


"I am going to talk about my mom and how she overcame cancer. The first thing I remember about my mom having cancer is her hair falling out.

Before that though, she tells me that she found out about six months before that when she had to go to a special doctor. That doctor told her she had breast cancer. She had to have a very extensive surgery to remove the cancer from her body and it took her a long time to recover from it. We had already moved to Madison and Mom tells me that many people in Madison brought meals to help us and drove us to school. Her hair started falling out after she started chemotherapy which was supposed to kill any cancer that might still be in her body.

What I remember about my mom's hair falling out is she could pull out any hair on her body and it wouldn't hurt but it would just come out. About two weeks after she took her first chemotherapy she woke up one morning and there was hair all over her pillow. She called all us kids to her room. She said to us that she was losing her hair and she didn't want us to be scared so she tried to make it a fun time. She said some days we made her want to pull her hair out and this was the day and it wasn't going to hurt. We all took turns pulling out her hair. When we were doing it we were laughing and having fun. After we were done she went to the bathroom and shaved off all the rest of her hair she had on her head.

She had 16 chemo treatments which made her very sick. It took her about six months for her to go through all of her chemo treatments. Her last chemo treatment was on April 29, 2010. After that she had many surgeries to go through to reconstruct the part of her body they had to remove. Her hair started growing back in July of 2010.

She has been back to the doctor several times and they tell her that she is still cancer free from her body. My mom says that the love of her children, family and friends kept her a positive attitude and that she is very grateful to have more birthdays and to have survived.

All the things that happened to her scared me but I am glad that my mom overcame cancer because if she wouldn't have made it I don't think I could have lived without her."

"As you can imagine, I am so very grateful for life and the love of my children, their smiles, the prayers of friends of family, the mammogram that caught my cancer early and the healing hand of God.

Ladies, please get your mammograms, and men... remind the ladies in your life to get theirs too.  A life could be saved, and it might just be the life of someone you love."