After co-owning a family service business for twenty years in southwest Orlando, and working six years in building community partnerships through a rural county Chamber of Commerce, she left that place of transition in July of 2014 to live and walk daily in the amazing place of building relationships through public relations and marketing consulting.  Cindy calls it #BuildingBridges and it is a passion that she has to bring businesses together with businesses, people together with people, and people with resources, over cultural, age, and geographic barriers.

She says it is an incredible honor every single day to work side by side with clients to bring them closer to their goals through relationship building and social media. She truly enjoys providing for motivational speakers, athletes, authors, musicians, and organizations, professional and energetic representation before the clients they wish to reach.

She is also among the dynamic speakers on the CVA Bureau, offering motivational, inspirational, and keynote presentations for women's empowerment topics, woman owned businesses, Starting a Non-Profit, non-profit fundraising, public relations, marketing, social media trainings, breast cancer,  anti-bullying, abstinence, teenage pregnancy, abortion, relationships, marriage, faith, family, homeschooling, overcoming adversity, and more.  

A native or Orlando, Florida, Cindy is the proud mother of six beautiful children and a breast cancer survivor.

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Tallahassee, FL


Executive Assistant

Tallahassee, FL

After serving four years as an employee with the State of Florida Department of Corrections, Kayla knew that the endless hours of shift work leading to constant exhaustion and little to no time spent with family were no longer an option.

As a wife and the mother of two beautiful children, with family as a top priority in her life, Kayla has begun a new chapter in her life with Cindy Vees & Associates, LLC. She is thrilled about the difference this new career choice will make personally as well as the opportunity it is giving her to expand her knowledge and experience in public relations and marketing.

Kayla says, “I couldn’t be more excited about being part of Cindy Vees & Associates! I’m always looking forward to learning new things and I know this will give me that opportunity each and every day. I love that I actually enjoy what I’m doing at work and that I am able to spend so much more quality time with my family!”