Corporate, Motivational, Relationship, and Keynote Speaker

Commentator Football Analyst | Retired NFL

College Football National Champion Cornhusker Hall of Famer

Greater Los Angeles, California

Meet Ralph D. Brown, II ~


Ralph Brown is a former 10 year NFL veteran who has passionately dedicated his life to giving back. Motivational Speaking has been a major conduit in fulfilling this dream and passion of giving back and making a lasting difference in people’s lives. Ralph continues to touch thousands with his captivating storytelling and direct steps to achieve success and greatness in his audience’s personal and social lives. He continues to implement personal experiences and teachings from successful coaches and mentors along the way.


Ever since Ralph was ten years old he has played on championship football teams. He truly understands what it takes to have a “Championship Mindset”, and how to gain trust as a teammate and/or partner. Implementing a higher standard in his everyday life has given him the ability to achieve true success in so many different ways and levels.


Not only has Ralph experienced success at its highest pinnacle in sports and business, he has also encountered devastating and demoralizing defeat and catastrophe in his personal life as well. As he will share with you, figuring out how to “Get Back on Track” after a crushing blow in life isn’t the easiest thing to do. And if we’re not careful, it can paralyze us for the rest of our life. One of Ralph’s shining moments isn’t a championship from sports, it’s having the fortitude and resilience to overcome an obstacle that seemed daunting and overwhelming to conquer. We all can have those moments. But during that time of hopelessness, and the feeling of defeat, we all need a blueprint and a decisive game plan to achieve what we want in our life at that particular time. Whether it be “Getting Out of a Rut”, or “Having a Higher Standard”, in all of our choices in life – We Need a Plan!


Ralph has spoken to major corporations, thousands in a football stadium and to children in a small classroom. No matter the size of the audience, Ralph has the ability to leave a lasting impact on whoever he speaks to.


Ralph Brown is also a Sports Analyst for Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports West. He donates a large portion of his time to charities.


Ralph was born in the city of Los Angeles and attended Bishop Amat High School where he rated as the second rated defensive back in the country.


In 1996 Ralph received a full ride scholarship to play football for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He became the first true freshman to start since WWII, and didn’t miss a game in his four year collegiate career. In 1997 he helped lead the Cornhuskers to a National Championship. Something that he remains proud of to this day. He had the privilege to play under one of the greatest college football coaches of all time—Coach Tom Osborne. Ralph graduated from the university of Nebraska in three and a half years, was drafted in the fifth round by the New York Giants and went on to enjoy a pleasurable ten year NFL football career.


Ralph attended Harvard Business School and Bowling Green State University for journalism. He carries an insatiable appetite to continue his education.




*First true freshman to start since WWII

*1997 National Champion

*Nebraska Football Hall of Fame

*Nebraska All-Century Team




*2000 5th round draft pick to NY Giants

*Two-time NFC Champion

*Participated in Two Super Bowls (Super Bowl XXXV and XLIII)

*10 year NFL football career

*NY Giants, Vikings, Browns and Cardinals





Team Building



Winning the Room



Getting out of a Rut

Putting on Success


Self Management

Inspire Greatness



Recharging Friendship

Team Esteem

Hitting the Reset Button

How to Forgive

Winning the Race with my Mate


2010 - present

2010 - present

Hall of Fame Speech

#22 Nebraska Football was inducted into their Hall of Fame class of 2011 on 9-09-11. Here is his speech.

Ralph Brown NFL Where Are They Now In Sports 

University of Nebraska Hall of Fame