The State of Dating Seminar, February 10: Bringing Romance Back To Relationships



James Michael Sama is widely recognized as a leading dating personality. He appears in mediums such as, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Boston's Fox 25,, WorldClass Magazine, and more. His upcoming event, The State of Dating: Bringing Romance back to Relationships, held at Burlington, Massachusetts’ King’s Burlington Entertainment Center, is certain to impact metropolitan singles and couples alike, and will be covering several essential elements of a successful relationship, as well as the development of a positive self-image. The event is designed for all demographics, from college age to middle aged folks seeking to “Get back in the dating scene.”, and singles, those in stressed relationships, or just looking to strengthen their relationships are welcome.


Set strategically at the post-Holidays time of the year, when individuals reflect on their relationships and self-improvement, as well as just before Valentine’s Day, the seminar will address the topics of: The importance of self-confidence, establishing standards for a prospective partner, building interpersonal communication skills, and explain significance of body language. Increasing your own self-worth is critical in personal character development and establishing relationships, and will be the focus of the evening.


The venue, just outside Sama’s own Bostonian community, will provide a laid back atmosphere- and bar- to encourage mingling, and to give attendees a chance to meet, providing singles an opportunity at prospective interests (Who, of course, meet their standards). 


Join us for a great night of growth and a good time.


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By Celestia Randolph, Intern at Cindy Vees & Associates


Photo Credit:  Cindy Vees & Associates