Retired Army First Sergeant - Military Police Corp Regiment

First Commandant for the Florida Youth Challenge Academy

CEO/Co-Founder Rites of Passage II Manhood, Inc.

Expert Trainer for Behavior Modification Programs

Author ~ "Torchlight for Change ~ My Story and Advice to At-Risk Youth"

Meet Tracy Maxwell ~


Tracy is a proven leader and expert in enhancing and developing alternative programs for youth. He is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who brings humor and professional candor in his messages to youth, adult care-giver/ parents and professionals.  Organizations seeking to develop, improve leadership dynamics and employee teamwork will gain insightful methods honed through his distinguished military career and his work with international and federal law enforcement agencies.


Tracy is the author of a motivational book entitled “Torchlight for Change” My Story and Advice to At-Risk Youth and Torchlight for Change-Post Graduation Action Plan, an interactive life-skills work book for high school students.  Tracy recently completed his documentary by returning to his hometown with an exhilarating and motivational speech to students of Taylor County Middle School in Perry, Florida.  


He is a United States Army Retired Veteran, First Sergeant who served with distinction in the United States Army Military Police Corp Regiment.


Upon retiring, he became the First Commandant for the Florida Youth Challenge Academy. An at-risk para-military high school in the State of Florida serving troubled youth ages 16-18 for both males and females. Under his leadership and guidance, The Florida Youth Challenge Academy was voted the “Best Challenge in the Nation” in 2005. 


He co-founded the Rites of Passage II Manhood Inc. a grassroots mentoring program for youth at-risk established in 2008. He assisted in establishing various male mentoring programs in the Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Plantation Florida. 


Tracy is a nationally and internationally known and sought after expert trainer for law enforcement courses and quasi-military behavior style modification programs.


Tracy has mentored several student-athletes who completed their bachelor's degrees, athletes currenty in college, and a former American Next Top Model of Season 14 (Brenda Arens-Guiterrez). He continues to mentor students in all walks of life.


He holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia College and a certification in behavior modification techniques.




  • Motivating The Leader in You

  • Dare to Dream- Be Bold To Conquer

  • Becoming Independent by Working through your Life Plan

  • Alternatives to violence and bullying

  • Increasing your awareness of your self image

  • Pressure & Decisions- Understanding  the Impact of Peer Pressure

  • Dealing with your Anger and Rage

  • Coping with Grief and Loss



Educators,  Adult Care Givers/Parents

  • Understanding Children Through Life Portraits

  • Attitudes versus Assertiveness

  • Understanding the benefits of Alternative youth programs

  • Realistic Goals for your child- When NFL/NBA is no longer your option



  • Understanding time tested Leadership

  • Leader Development

  • Handling Subordinates with Skill and Tact

  • Developing Teamwork

2010 - present

2010 - present

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