Perry native, 1979 graduate and former Gridiron standout, TRACY MAXWELL believes children are our future.  He inspires young men throughout the country through empowerment and mentoring to make a significant impact in their lives. He embodies his commitment to making a change for a better tomorrow.  Tracy knows young adults need to be pushed in the right direction to succeed

personally and professionally and believes that more opportunities come to those with a post-secondary education.  Since 2006 Tracy has helped  young men obtain scholarships to  further their education.

Throughout his military career and upon retirement he has always had a heart to help the children from his own hometown.  Mr. Maxwell began focusing on the statistics of graduating rates from the time students started 9th grade and noticed a decline in the graduation rates. It was then he realized he needed to help these young adults and to assist in giving them a future.


Bobby Williams

Tracy's first success story began with Jacksonville native, Bobby Williams  never played high schools sports however attended Livingstone College and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Bobby is currently working with at -risk youth in North Carolina. 

Dustin Welsh

His 2nd success story was a young man who he found working in an IHOP.  Dustin Welsh, he graduated in 2014 from Weber International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and played on the Sun Conference championship team. 

Wesley Brandon

Graduated December 15, 2016 and is currently training in Denver, Colorado for the NFL Pro day Combine in March 2017.

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•    Student-Athletes shall submit a current photo profile.
•    Student-Athlete shall submit a current copy of high school transcript and ACT or SAT test scores.
•    Student-Athlete shall submit a current copy of Hudl highlight (preferably) or Youtube video.
•    Student-Athletes shall enroll in the NCAA Clearinghouse no later than their junior year of high school.

A student-athlete profile will be placed in my Facebook Coaches Groups Page. This group currently has approximately 112 college coaches at all level including D1 through junior college.

Monthly updates- 
•    Student-athletes shall submit updated film, grade point average and test scores. 
•    Recruiting Advisor will be update to your profile upon receiving the information from the student-athlete/parent.
•     A list of colleges/coaches that show interest via oral or written communication will be shared with the student-athlete parents.

2.5 GPA minimum required



$200.00 for the initial enrollment and $ 75.00 monthly retainer fee. The minimum period of services is 90- days.